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Jul 27, 2009
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The place to keep up with Congressman Rohrabacher’s daily activities while in Washington, D.C. From congressional hearings to press conferences to House floor speeches, this is the place to get a dose of the day to day for Congressman Rohrabacher on Capitol Hill. 

Huntington Beach, Mon, Jul 27, 2009 -

Working in the District

Washington, Tues, Jul 28 - 

SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE GOP Member Meeting - hosted by Congressman Ralph Hall. Mr. Hall will talk about the scheduled Full Committee Markup as well as the upcoming August recess. 

FOREIGN AFFAIRS SUBCOMMITTEE ON EUROPE Hearing on - The Reset Button Has Been Pushed: Kicking Off a New Era in U.S.-Russian Relations; Witnesses: The Honorable Philip H. Gordon, Ph.D., Assistant Secretary, Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs, United States Department of State; and The Honorable Celeste A. Wallander, Ph.D., Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia, Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, United States Department of Defense. 2172 Rayburn 

Washington, Wed, Jul 29 - 

FOREIGN AFFAIRS FULL COMMITTEE Hearing on - New Challenges for International Peacekeeping Operations; Witnesses: The Honorable Susan E. Rice, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations; Mr. Edward C. Luck, Senior Vice President, Director of Studies, International Peace Institute, (Special Adviser to the UN Secretary-General); Colonel William J. Flavin, USA, Retired, Directing Professor, Doctrine, Concepts, Training, and Education Division, U.S. Army Peackeeping and Stability Operations Institute, U.S. Army War College; Ms. Erin A. Weir, Peacekeeping Advocate, Refugees International; The Honorable Richard S. Williamson, Partner, Winston & Strawn, LLP, (Former Special Envoy to Sudan and Ambassador to The U.N. Commission on Human Rights); and Mr. Brett D. Schaefer, Jay Kingham Fellow in International Regulatory Affairs, The Heritage Foundation. 2172 Rayburn 

SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY FULL COMMITTEE Markup of: H.R. 3246, Advanced Vehicle Technology Act of 2009; H.R. 3165, Wind Energy Research and Development Act of 2009; H.R. 3029, To establish research, development, and technology demonstration program to improve the efficiency of gas turbines used in combined cycle power generation systems; and H.R. 3247, To establish a social and behavioral sciences research program at the Department of Energy, and for other purposes. 2318 Rayburn 

Rep. Rohrabacher will be awarded The Club for Growth "Defender of Economic Freedom Award" on July 29th. 

FOREIGN AFFAIRS SUBCOMMITTEE ON ASIA, THE PACIFIC AND THE GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT Briefing and Hearing on - Ushering in Change: A New Era for U.S. Regional Policy in the Pacific; Briefing by: Her Excellency Ms. Marlene Moses, Chair of the Pacific Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and Permanent Representative of the Republic of Nauru to the United Nations; Witness: Ms. Alcy Frelick, Director, Office of Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Island Affairs, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, U.S. Department of State. 2172 Rayburn 

Washington, Thur, Jul 30 - 

Iran Policy Committee Briefing - Scenarios of the Past and Future for Iran: U.S. Options. 2247 Rayburn 

LIVE TV Interview - with Glenn Beck on the FOX News Channel, at 5:15pm (ET).  The inteview will be in regard to recent Science & Technology Committee hearings about the government's potential new Social & Behavioral research.

Washington, Fri, Jul 31 -