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Nov 30, 2009
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The place to keep up with Congressman Rohrabacher’s daily activities while in Washington, D.C. From congressional hearings to press conferences to House floor speeches, this is the place to get a dose of the day to day for Congressman Rohrabacher on Capitol Hill. 

Huntington Beach, Mon, Nov 30, 2009 - 

Working in the District 

Washington, Tues, Dec 1 - 

House convenes for Legislative Business. 

President Obama’s prime time Address to the nation to announce the administration’s new war strategy in Afghanistan. 

Rep. Rohrabacher is scheduled to give a Special Order speech on the House floor on the upcoming Climate Change conference in Copenhagen. 

Washington, Wed, Dec 2 - 

SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SUBCOMMITTEE ON SPACE AND AERONAUTICS Hearing on - Ensuring the Safety of Human Space Flight; Witnesses: Mr. Bretton Alexander, President, Commercial Spaceflight Federation; Dr. Joseph Fragola, Vice President, Valador Inc.; Mr. Jeff Hanley, Program Manager, Constellation Program, Exploration Systems Mission Directorate, NASA; Mr. John Marshall, Council Member, Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel, NASA; Mr. Bryan O'Connor, Chief of Safety and Mission Assurance, NASA; and Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Thomas Stafford. 2318 Rayburn 

FOREIGN AFFAIRS FULL COMMITTEE Hearing on - U.S. Strategy in Afghanistan; Witnesses: The Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of State, U.S. Department of State; The Honorable Robert M. Gates, Secretary of Defense, U.S. Department of Defense; and Admiral Michael G. Mullen, USN, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff. 2172 Rayburn 

Washington, Thur, Dec 3 - 

SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SUBCOMMITTEE ON ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT Hearing on - Marine and Hydrokinetic Energy Technology: Finding the Path to Commercialization; Witnesses: Mr. Roger Bedard, Ocean Energy Leader, Electric Power Research Institute; Mr. Craig Collar, Senior Manager, Energy Resource Development, Snohomish County Public Utility District; Mr. Jacques Beaudry-Losique, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Renewable Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, U.S. Department of Energy; Mr. James Dehlsen, President, Ecomerit Technologies, LLC; and Ms. Gia Schneider, Chief Executive Officer, Natel Energy, Inc. 2318 Rayburn 

SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SUBCOMMITTEE ON INVESTIGATIONS AND OVERSIGHT & SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SUBCOMMITTEE ON SPACE AND AERONAUTICS Joint Hearing on - Independent Audit of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration; Witnesses: Hon. Thomas Howard, Acting Inspector General, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA); Mr. Daniel Murrin, Partner, Assurance and Advisory Business Services, Ernst & Young LLP; and Hon. Elizabeth Robinson, Chief Financial Officer, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). 2318 Rayburn 

FOREIGN AFFAIRS COMMITTEE Reception - honoring Rep. Robert Wexler, the outgoing Chairman of the Subcommittee on Europe, and Rep. Bill Delahunt, the incoming Chairman of that Subcommittee. 2172 Rayburn 

Washington, Fri, Dec 4 -