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Feb 1, 2010
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The place to keep up with Congressman Rohrabacher’s daily activities while in Washington, D.C. From congressional hearings to press conferences to House floor speeches, this is the place to get a dose of the day to day for Congressman Rohrabacher on Capitol Hill.


Huntington Beach, Mon, Feb 1, 2010 -
Working in the District

Washington, Tues, Feb 2 -

House convenes for legislative business

Washington, Wed, Feb 3 -

House convenes for legislative business

FOREIGN AFFAIRS FULL COMMITTEE Hearing on - Yemen on the Brink: Implications for U.S. Policy; Witnesses: The Honorable Jeffrey D. Feltman, Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, U.S. Department of State (Former United States Ambassador to Lebanon); The Honorable Robert F. Goodec, Principal Deputy Coordinator for Counterterrorism, Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism, U.S. Department of State (Former United States Ambassador to Tunisia); Christopher Boucek, Ph.D., Associate, Middle East Program, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; Mr. Leslie Campbell, Senior Associate & Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, The National Democratic Institute; Mr. Bruce Riedel, Senior Fellow, Saban Center for Middle East Policy, The Brookings Institution; and Mr. Jonathan Schanzer, Vice President for Research, Foundation for Defense of Democracies. 2172 Rayburn

SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SUBCOMMITEE ON SPACE AND AERONAUTICS Hearing on - Key Issues and Challenges Facing NASA: Views of the Agency's Watchdogs; Witnesses: Hon. Paul K. Martin, Inspector General, National Aeronautics and Space Administration; Ms. Cristina T. Chaplain, Director, Acquistion and Sourcing Management, Government Accountability Office; and Vice Admiral Joseph W. Dyer [U.S. Navy, retired], Chair, Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel, National Aeronautics and Space Administration. 2318 Rayburn

FOREIGN AFFAIRS SUBCOMMITTEE ON THE MIDDLE EAST AND SOUTH ASIA Hearing on - America and the Iranian Political Reform Movement: First, Do No Harm; Witnesses: Ms. Geneive Abdo, Director, Iran Program, The Century Foundation; Mehdi Khalaji, Ph.D., Senior Fellow, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy; Fariborz Ghadar, Ph.D., Distinguished Scholar and Senior Advisor, Center for Strategic and International Studies; and Mr. J. Scott Carpenter, Keston Family Fellow, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy. 2172 Rayburn

SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SUBCOMMITTEE ON TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION Hearing on - Passenger Screening R&D: Responding to President Obama's Call to Develop and Deploy the Next Generation of Screening Technologies; Witnesses: Mr. Brad Buswell, Deputy Undersecretary of the Science and Technology Directorate, Department of Homeland Security (DHS); Dr. Penrose Albright, Principal Associate Director for Global Security, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Dr. Bert Coursey, Program Manager, Coordinated National Security Standards Program, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST); and Dr. Sandra Hyland, Senior Principal Engineer, BAE Systems. 2318 Rayburn

Washington, Thur, Feb 4 -

Rep. Rohrabacher will testify in at the U.S.-China Economic And Security Review Commission Hearing on - "China's Activities in Southeast Asia and the Implications for U.S. Interests". Senate Dirksen 562

SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY SUBCOMMITTEE ON ENERGY AND EVNIRONMENT Hearing on - Geoengineering II: The Scientific Basis and Engineering Challenges; Witnesses: Dr. Philip Rasch, Laboratory Fellow, Atmospheric Sciences & Global Change Division, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Dr. Robert Jackson, Chair of Global Environmental Change, Nicholas School of the Environment, Professor of Biology, Duke University; Dr. Klaus Lackner, Department Chair, Earth and Environmental Engineering, Ewing Worzel Professor of Geophysics, Columbia University; and Dr. David Keith, Canada Research Chair in Energy and Environment, University of Calgary. 2325 Rayburn

Washington, Fri, Feb 5 -