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Veterans Day 2009

Nov 11, 2009

Washington, Nov 11, 2009 - Every year, on Novermber 11, we honor the 25 million military veterans in the United States. We honor American veterans not just for the protection they offer the people of the united states but for the role they play in defeating evil forces in the world that would otherwise dominate the planet. It was the commitment and courage of American military personnel that defeated Japanese militarists and Nazis during the WWII, that prevented the Communist movement from installing atheistic dictatorships throughout the world and now their current challenge to protect decent people of this world from the dangers of radical Islam. 

We owe our defenders a heartfelt appreciation for what has been done by the American veterans of the past and a heartfelt thank you to those who are currently serving to protect our people from terrorism and defending our way of life by giving the world a chance to live in peace and understanding between all faiths and religions. 

In freedom,