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The Truth About Global Warming--Only 34% of Americans think global warming is manmade….

Apr 24, 2009

Washington, Apr 24, 2009 - According to an April 19th Rasmussen poll, only one third of American voters now say that humans should be blamed for so-called “global warming.” Nearly half of the people surveyed think that any changes in the earth’s climate are due to long-term,naturally-occurring trends. 

It should come as no surprise that this is the lowest level of support ever amongst the American public for the myth of manmade “global warming.” More and more internationally respected scientists are joining the opposition to the theory the Earth is warming due to human activity. Yet, the Democrats and the radical environmental movement continually refuse to debate the issue in an open and honest way. Given these latest poll results, it seems the arrogance and intellectual dishonesty of the global warming lobby hasn’t gone unnoticed by the American people. 

Ever since President Obama has taken office, he and his liberal friends have been pushing for cap-and-trade and other radical environmental policies that will result in huge tax increases for average Americans. Taxing businesses for carbon emissions and classifying carbon dioxide as a “pollutant,” are examples of what the fringe environmental movement has in mind. 

These proposals are fundamentally bad for this country, especially in a time of economic instability. The American people know this, the people of the 46th District know this, and that’s why I will continue to fight against environmental radicalism while simultaneously standing up for environmental stewardship and common sense conservation. 

In Freedom,