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Congressman Rohrabacher has served on the Science, Space, and Technology Committee during his entire tenure in Congress.  His voice has been one of the strongest through those years for securing and strengthening America's global leadership in the fields of science and technology.  He continues to advocate advanced nuclear power, which uses today's waste as tomorrow's fuel in safe reactors. He also promotes new technologies that pull pollutants out of the air to use them to produce less expensive plastics, and calls for additional research on earthquakes and tsunamis.

Innovative scientific work is critical to the long-term future of America.  Early work on subatomic particles in the 19th and early 20th century led to the entire range of electronic devices we take for granted today.  The basic science at our national laboratories and through our federal grant programs can lead to tremendous advances in every aspect of our daily lives including transportation, national security, and energy production, distribution, and storage.  Basic science, while critical, cannot get us there by itself.  Moving from basic science into applied science and new technologies is critical to taking advantage of newfound knowledge.

Through our applied science programs and our technology development process, we move from theory to real world analysis to improving the lives of Americans.  It is critical that we strike the right balance between basic science, applied science, and technology development within the federal portfolio, and that we fully partner with our universities and the private sector.  Congressman Rohrabacher will continue to provide oversight of federal science and technology programs to ensure that these programs strike the proper balance and that they serve the national interests.