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We Californians take pride in our contributions to the space and technology accomplishments of our country.

There has been no more active voice on space policy than Congressman Rohrabacher.  He works diligently to make certain that America leads the world in space exploration and development.  During his eight years as the Chairman of the Space Subcommittee, he authored several bills, including the Commercial Space Launch Amendments Act of 2004, that laid the groundwork that enabled the success of today's commercial space industry.  We cannot lead the world in space by doing things the same old way, with a large, centrally controlled national space program.  We will not "out-China" China.  We need to rely on America's greatest strengths: the innovation of our people and our free market economy, to make the next giant leaps.

Congressman Rohrabacher works hard to ensure our activities in and from space are in the best interests of America.  All of our government actions must achieve our national goals with safety, efficiency, and sustainability in mind.  Some missions call for stand-alone technology development and one-off systems, but most of the future work in space will based upon the repeatable successes created by market-driven innovation, effectiveness, and efficiencies. 

While America comes first, there are also space issues that ignore national borders - the threat of asteroid impacts, and the risk of space debris.  These threaten every nation on Earth, and every satellite in space: commercial, civil, defense, and national security.  We must be willing to work with other nations, yes, even China, to solve these issues, just as we worked with the Soviet Union in space during the height of the Cold War.  Our use of space assets improves everyday life on Earth and we must continue to understand that and protect our ability to lead in space.