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Despite all the rhetoric and decades of posturing, our southern border remains operationally unsecured.

America has had an illegal immigration problem for a long time. President Trump’s commitment to securing our borders and cracking down on illegal immigration is a welcome reprieve from decades of posturing and do-nothing policies.  Prior presidents spoke and postured of dealing with the problem, but implemented no significant policies to enforce our laws.

Congressman Rohrabacher sympathizes with those in other nations who wish to live and work in a great country like ours, one that provides opportunities that are simply non-existent in many other parts of the world.  He supports current legal immigration levels under which the United States admits over a million immigrants from around the globe each year who have respected our laws and completed the processes required of them to obtain legal status.  He vehemently opposes illegal immigration.  The Pew Research Center estimates that 11 million people currently illegally reside in the United States.  Some have entered across international borders without proper documentation and some have overstayed their legally obtained visas.  Congressman Rohrabacher is committed securing our border and ensure that legal visitors to the United States leave our nation when their permission to be here expires.

Rohrabacher is the author of two bills aimed at curbing illegal immigration. The first is H.R. 3934, the No Social Security for Illegal Immigrants Act of 2017. Illegal entry into America disqualifies a person from legally working, and this bill would ensure that wages received for illegal work do not count toward a person’s creditable wages to receive Social Security upon retirement.  Rohrabacher also introduced H.R. 2724, the Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Act of 2017, which would fund border security proposed by President Trump. It would do so by ending the Diversity Visa Lottery Program, which reserves 50,000 annual visas to random individuals, and replaces it with a system by which an immigrant could pay a fee to receive expedited processing of their green card application.  After going through the normal vetting process required of all immigrants, an approved candidate would be eligible to receive citizenship within two years. The funds collected under this new program would be placed in the newly created border security and immigration enforcement account under the control of the Secretary of Homeland Security for border security.

Rep. Rohrabacher has co-sponsored bills that would end birthright citizenship, declare English as the official language, and strengthen the E-verify program by requiring employers to check the work eligibility of all applicants. He opposes proposals to legalize the status of illegal immigrants, and would only support immigration policies that serve the American people first.