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Whether it is oil, gas, nuclear, biomass, solar, wind or other sources of energy, Congressman Rohrabacher believes America should fully utilize all domestic energy resources.  As oil drilling becomes safer, he is encouraged by the prospects of developing alternative and renewable energies.  America deserves a balanced approach to addressing its energy needs, one which encourages alternative technologies and allows for oil exploration.

One such area that Congressman Rohrabacher believes should be more fully cultivated is that of nuclear energy. He has long advocated the development of next generation nuclear power plants that are safe and able to consume the waste produced by older plants. Development of such technologies would allow for the cleanup of the now-closed San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station and a sustainable energy source to power our communities in an environmentally friendly way.

In concert, efforts to develop new energy sources, particularly nuclear, will keep fuel prices low, air and water quality high, and our oil reserves secure all while being mindful of the environment.