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Ronald Reagan Honored in Capitol Rotunda

Jun 3, 2009

Washington, Jun 3, 2009 -

“There is no limit to what you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit,” was a creed President Ronald Reagan, my old boss, used to say from time to time.

I was reminded of it today, at the unveiling of his statue, in the Capitol Rotunda. Reagan was a great man, but he was a humble man. Yes, he was a President, but he was also a regular American in many ways, hard-working and dedicated to a sense of optimism that encompassed the American dream for so many. I think of him often while in Congress and I cherish the opportunity to have worked side by side for seven years with such a patriot in the White House. 

Reagan’s detractors did everything they could to vilify him and his policies. They mocked him for his age, they belittled him for his forthrightness and his clear vision that America’s greatness, rooted in freedom and democracy, would prevail over the evils of the Soviet Empire. When the Cold War ended, freedom won and tyranny lost. President Reagan was proven right and his legacy will carry on as a living testimony of the value of fighting for the principles of freedom and the rewards of fighting against tyranny. It is a legacy to be admired. 

We sure could use him today. 

In Freedom,