Rohrabacher Visits Israel, Witnesses Historic 'Road Map' Agreement

May 31, 2003
Press Release

Washington, May 31, 2003 -

Congressman Rohrabacher and his wife Rhonda
meet with former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Perez.

May 31, 2003


Rohrabacher Visits Israel, Witnesses Historic 'Road Map' Agreement
On Eve of Pres. Bush's Middle Eastern Summit

WASHINGTON -- Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (CA-46) met with top Israeli and Palestinian officials in Jerusalem as both sides work together toward implementing President George Bush's "Road Map" for peace in the Middle East.

"The responses I've seen in Israel to President Bush's 'Road Map' have been extremely positive and optimistic. The level of hope is high and both the Israelis and Palestinians seem willing to seize the moment for peace," Rohrabacher said. "In the meantime, I am encouraging everyone I meet with to trust the process and each other."

Rohrabacher also congratulated President Bush for following through on his promise to broker a peaceful resolution to the strife in the Middle East. "The president has engendered the goodwill of the people of this region by fulfilling his promise. The president's good faith in this matter has brought hope to the peace process. His commitment will be vital to the success of that peace process."

Rohrabacher also toured the West Bank and met with other Israeli officials.