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Rohrabacher Reacts To Delisting of N. Korea From Roster of Terrorism Sponsors

Jun 26, 2008

Washington, Jun 26, 2008 -

Congressman Rohrabacher has issued the following statement on the President’s decision to remove the N. Korean regime from the list of state sponsors of terrorism:

“The history of our relationship with North Korea is replete with examples of wishful thinking and unwarranted optimism. In order to avoid a confrontation, the President seems to be following that pattern of being irrationally optimistic by letting the N. Koreans off easy. It seems we’ve been down this road before in the late 90s and that turned out to be a catastrophic failure.

“We should not be seeking ways to give the N. Korean regime the means for borrowing money from international financial institutions with minimum demands for correcting their behavior. These policies will fail because they are designed to keep the N. Korean regime in power and count on the regime reforming its ways rather than eliminating it from power so it cannot pose a threat to the rest of the world.

“No matter how much perfume you splash to cover up the stench, the North Korean regime is still a rotten, totalitarian government that should be replaced rather than accommodated.”