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Rohrabacher Lauds Passage Of Iran Nonproliferation Amendments Act

Oct 28, 2005

Washington, Oct 28, 2005 - Yesterday Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), a senior member of the House Science Committee and the former Chairman of the Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics, managed the House floor for the consideration of S. 1713, the Iran Nonproliferation Amendments Act of 2005. The bill passed the House by voice vote.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher gave the following statement on the House floor:

"I want to thank the gentleman from California (Mr. Lantos) and, of course, the gentleman from Illinois (Mr. Hyde) for the leadership that has been demonstrated in getting this legislation to the floor.

One of America's challenges as we seek global security and stability is stopping the proliferation of nuclear and missile technologies. Several years ago, we enacted the Iran Nonproliferation Act of 2000 to give the United States several tools in our fight against proliferation to Iran, one of which was a restriction on U.S.-Russian space cooperation. As a member of both the Committee on International Relations and the Committee on Science, I was deeply involved in that aspect of the Iran Nonproliferation Act.

While many of the INA's tools have helped and should be continued, the limitation on space cooperation has not been effective and is now counterproductive. So, today, we have an opportunity to both correct and strengthen that legislation.

Mr. Speaker, I rise in strong support of the amended version of Senate bill 1713. First and foremost, the bill strengthens the tools available to fight proliferation to, and from, Iran. This bill also provides urgently needed relief for NASA so that the United States can maintain a continued presence on the International Space Station and enables cost-effective commercial partnerships to support the Space Station. This latter benefit also strengthens non-proliferation, because over the past decade we have learned that commercial ties between the United States and Russian aerospace companies have been an effective tool against proliferation. We need to employ such carrots along with our non-proliferation sticks.