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Rohrabacher Amendment To Boost American Student Involvement in the Sciences Advances

Sep 7, 2003

Washington, Sep 7, 2003 - The Office Of Rep. Dana Rohrabacher
For Immediate Release
Contact: 202-225-2415
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher’s (R-CA) graduate science scholarship amendment to a nanotechnology bill (H.R. 766) was unanimously agreed to during a Science committee mark-up Thursday, May 1st. The Rohrabacher amendment allows five different federal research agencies (NSF, NASA, DOE, EPA, and NIST) to use scholarship funds to recruit qualified government employees. Recipients of the scholarships are obligated to commit two years to government service per year of scholarship. Each agency would administer its own scholarship program.

This amendment is the second time this Congress Rohrabacher has successfully offered a proposal making education in the sciences more attractive to American students. “Because we’re at the point where we have to rely on other countries for scientific skill, we’re putting our leadership as a technology and research powerhouse in jeopardy,” Rohrabacher said. “The scholarships that my amendments make available will help sustain our leadership in the sciences.”