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Representative Rohrabacher Signs Onto Anti-Illegal Immigration Bill

Jul 25, 2005

Washington, Jul 25, 2005 - Rep. Dana Rohrabacher recently signed on as an original co-sponsor of H.R. 3095, The New Illegal Deduction Elimination Act (New IDEA). The bill would make wages and benefits paid to illegal aliens nondeductible for federal tax purposes.

“When many people talk about illegal immigration, they talk about a bigger fence and more border patrol agents. The truth is, the only way we will win the battle against illegal immigration is by cutting off the incentive for illegal aliens to come here,” said Rep. Rohrabacher. “Businesses must be accountable for who they employ. There is a simple way for them to check the validity of Social Security numbers through the Basic Pilot Program that instantly connects them to the Social Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security. In this day and age, there is simply no excuse for employing someone of questionable legal status. This no longer just a matter of economic security, it is a matter of national security. This bill will provide economic consequences for businesses that knowingly employ illegal aliens who are a drain on the system and provide cover for terrorists trying to enter the U.S.”