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Rep. Rohrabacher Secures Significant Funding For Ports of L.A. and Long Beach

Jul 17, 2003

Washington, Jul 17, 2003 -

17 July 2003
For Immediate Release

(Washington, D.C.) Rep. Rohrabacher has secured federal funding for two vital trade routes at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. The House Subcommittee on Transportation Appropriations has responded with a $2 million earmark to Rohrabacher’s request that the Gerald Desmond Bridge be rebuilt -- which includes raising and widening the bridge -- to ease congestion at the ports, and help channel truck traffic to the 110 Freeway.

Rohrabacher was also successful in refinancing at current market rates the Alameda Corridor’s loan from the federal government. Because of the lower interest rates, the Alameda Corridor project, which was completed with astonishing speed and efficiency, will now have more capital available -- as much as $80 million for creating a truck expressway. The new truck expressway will complement the Alameda Corridor’s mission of reducing truck congestion on the I-710 freeway and local Long Beach-area roads.

“I’m pleased that we’re able to take a step closer to freeing up traffic on our roads and highways, while at the same time increasing capacity at our ports. It’s possible to do both simultaneously.” Rohrabacher said.