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Rep. Rohrabacher Introduces Legislation To Give Special Service Award

Oct 2, 2003

Washington, Oct 2, 2003 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

(Washington, D.C.) Representative Dana Rohrabacher (R-Huntington Beach) has introduced legislation to honor journalists who were embedded with the American military during operation Iraqi Freedom.

“These men and women risked their lives - with some of them giving their lives -- in the service of their craft, and in service to their country. Their brave coverage of the war gave Americans back home confidence in the cause of freedom. With each dispatch or broadcast, war correspondents depicted for millions of Americans the challenges our military faced, helping to increase respect, understanding, and sympathy for our armed forces. As a former journalist myself, I know how hard these men and women work, and how completely dedicated they are to delivering an important story to the American people, and the world.

“Our embedded journalists stand alongside great writers like Jack London and Ernie Pyle who hazarded life and limb to give the American public an accurate picture of world conflict. They deserve the recognition that my legislation would grant them,” Rohrabacher said.

The ‘Exceptional Public Service Award’ is one of the highest given by the Office of the Secretary of Defense to civilians who meritoriously assist or support the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Rohrabacher’s bill would expand the eligibility for the award to all journalists who were authorized by the Department of Defense to be embedded with the American or Coalition armed forces during Operation Iraqi Freedom. The bill also contains a provision that allows for the medal to be awarded posthumously.