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**PRESS STATEMENT** UPDATED Rohrabacher Statement on Iran

Jun 18, 2009

Washington, Jun 18, 2009 -

“The Iranian presidential election was clearly a fraud. It is time for the mullahs to go back to their mosques and let democratic reform take its rightful place in Iran. This fraudulent election underscores the need to have a government that can live at peace with its own people, the people of the United States, and the people of the rest of the world, including Israel. But more importantly the election process and its results shed clear light on the fact that both candidates that the regime permitted to run are nothing but mean spirited little men. Both of them, all of us know, have themselves been responsible for formulating and implementing brutal repressive policies upon the Iranian people. Neither one, I repeat, neither one, is a ‘reformer’ or a person who believes in democracy.

“The huge protests we now witness are overwhelming evidence that the Iranian people whole heartedly wish to rid themselves of both the farcical election results and the process that gave them really no choice at all. Iranians are disgusted to choose between the mullah’s henchman, Ahmadinejad, or Moussavi, the creator of the notorious Ministry of Intelligence and Security. In the 80’s, the latter presided over a government that implemented Iran’s policy of systemic executions. The well known massacre of about 30,000 political prisoners beginning in the summer of 1988 is one of his crimes. Considering himself an intellectual, Moussavi earned notoriety for using theoretical rationalization to justify the regime’s atrocities.

“We are witnessing the beginning of the end of the clerical regime – an isolated, militarized, and uni-polarized religious fascism. The West and the international community must come to terms with this important dynamic. The international community must understand that today – especially in light of the post-election events, nothing can justify appeasing or legitimizing this medieval theocracy. Such an approach is strongly condemned by the Iranian people as it will only embolden the vicarious characters who rule over them.

“I ask that my fellow members of Congress call on President Obama to issue a statement making it clear to the people of the world that we are on the side of the students and true reformers and not on the side of the torturers and radical Islamic clerics of that country.

“An honest election process must be allowed to take place. One which permits true candidates to run and which the ‘results’ are not rigged. “

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher currently co-chairs the Iran Human Rights and Democracy Caucus with Rep. Bob Filner (D-CA).