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***PRESS STATEMENT*** Rohrabacher Statement on Proposed Defense Cuts, Including the C-17

Apr 7, 2009

 Huntington Beach, Apr 7, 2009 - Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (CA-46) has issued the following statement regarding his opposition to Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ announcement of major defense funding cuts including Boeing’s C-17 military cargo plane manufactured in Long Beach, CA. Ending production would directly cost approximately 6,000 jobs, not including subcontractors.

“It's absurd that this administration would be spending billions to allegedly stimulate the economy with temporary jobs while canceling aerospace contracts that are currently providing thousands of high quality jobs, particularly in southern California. It totally reflects a distorted value system.

“I recently visited Afghanistan and Iraq and there’s no doubt that the C-17 is a workhorse that keeps our troops safe and enables them to get the job done. Why would the Administration be in favor of pulling the plug on such a valuable program that already employs thousands of people? It’s better to spend the money on programs like the C-17 than spending hundreds of billions of dollars bailing out Wall Street cronies.”