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***Press Statement*** Rohrabacher Agrees With Port of Los Angeles' Decision To Cancel Chinese Scanner Contract

Jan 23, 2009

Washington, Jan 23, 2009 - Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (CA-46) has issued the following statement on the Port of Los Angeles’ decision to cancel the contract of Chinese scanning units for port security manufactured by Nuctech Company, based in Beijing, China:

“I opposed the port’s original decision to use Chinese equipment as part of our port security apparatus. My opposition was based on the belief that America should not be dependent on a potential enemy to provide national security equipment. The decision to cancel this contract was the right decision and I would hope moving forward, the Ports are given direction by the federal government not to just accept the lowest bidder.

“When the Chinese government quits jailing political opponents and persecuting religious believers, maybe then we can start talking about buying their scanners.”