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***PRESS RELEASE*** Rohrabacher: Our Prayers Have Been Answered

Jan 19, 2009

Washington, Jan 19, 2009 - Today Congressman Dana Rohrabacher released the following statement regarding President Bush’s decision to commute the sentences of imprisoned Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean:

“Our prayers have been answered! This is not just a day of celebration for the families but it is a victory for all Americans, while acknowledging our system is flawed, to see that if they are involved, if they speak up and utilize their freedom, injustices can be corrected. The hearts of all patriotic Americans are filled with joy at the announcement that our brave border defenders, Ramos and Compean, will be freed from unjust captivity.

“We are grateful at long last that President Bush has done the right thing by these men and their families and the president should be included be in our prayers of gratitude. I am humbled by the sincerity of support I saw over the last two and half years for Ramos and Compean from both sides of the political aisle and everyday Americans throughout our country.”