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***PRESS RELEASE*** Reps. Rohrabacher, Filner Express Solidarity With Iranian Dissidents

Jun 18, 2009

Washington, Jun 18, 2009 - Reps. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) and Bob Filner (D-CA), currently the co-chairs of the Iran Human Rights and Democracy caucus, have released the following statement of support for the Iranian people protesting the presidential election results in Iran:

“Following the June 12th election, the Iranian people have taken to the streets to protest the disputed presidential election, despite a violent response on the part of the Iranian government.

“As the co-chairs of the Iran Human Rights and Democracy Caucus (IHRDC), we would like to express our solidarity with the brave youth, students, and women of Iran who for the past few days so unequivocally rejected the oppressive government ruling over them, and look for a secular, democratic and non-nuclear Iran. We join with the Iranian dissidents, and recognize that the demonstrations in Iran reflect the general will of the Iranian people.

“President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s re-appointment will surely lead to a rise in suppression of the Iranian people and purge the opponents within the government itself. It will also hasten Iran’s drive towards nuclear capability. The IHRDC condemns the brutal and inhumane suppressive measures being utilized by the Iranian government. In unison with the Iranian dissents, we also reject the fraudulent outcome of Iranian presidential election.

“The IHRDC caucus calls on policymakers and the international community to take a decisive stance towards the Iranian government in its entirety and its atrocious human rights violations. The IHRDC also supports meetings of Iranian pro-democracy advocates outside of Iran, including the annual Iranian Convention in support of a secular, non-nuclear, Republic of Iran that will take place in Paris on June 20, 2009.”

Additional IHRDC members include Reps. Boozman (R-AZ), Diaz-Balart(R-FL), Poe,(R-TX), Jackson-Lee(D-TX), Clay (D-MO).

Rep. Rohrabacher will be joining GOP leadership for a press conference on the issue of Iran, scheduled for today, June 18th at 1:45pm in the House Radio/TV Gallery.