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***PRESS RELEASE*** Rep. Rohrabacher Sends Letter of Support to Current Honduran President Micheletti

Sep 8, 2009

Washington, Sep 8, 2009 - Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) sent a letter of support to current Honduran President Roberto Micheletti to reiterate his belief that the current U.S. administration should be supporting Micheletti in his struggle to maintain peace and uphold constitutional law rather than condemning his actions.

“Instead of condemning your actions, our government should applaud the allegiance to constitutional law you have demonstrated, even when it meant taking on a powerful force,” writes Rohrabacher. “Would all of our neighbors in this hemisphere do the same as you have done?”

Rohrabacher compared the communist threats of the 1980s in Central America to the climate in the region today. “It is the same threats from the 1980s that have reared up again and are challenging your democracy and liberty,” states the letter. “Leftist Caudillos have risen up from the ash heap of history to attempt to impose their oppression and tyranny on freedom.”

Rep. Rohrabacher is a senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.



The full letter is available in the right-hand column of this webpage, as a PDF document