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Congressman Rohrabacher's Statement on the Bush Administration's Immigration Proposal

Jan 8, 2004

Washington, Jan 8, 2004 - “The unintended consequence of this proposal is an amnesty for illegal aliens; at the end of the day, under the administration’s proposal, an illegal immigrant is still rewarded with U.S. citizenship. Aside from rewarding lawbreakers, this proposal would also have the following dangerous effects:


  1. It has no mechanism in place to insure a "guest worker" returns to his country (by withholding part of his pay or having his employer have to prove the illegal alien returned to his home country)
  2. It does not demand that employers provide health insurance for ‘guest workers’ so that American taxpayers are not burdened with the costs of healthcare for illegal aliens who are hired as "guest workers"
  3. And finally, it has no provisions at all to strengthen border security.

“Moreover, the adverse impact of this proposal will be amplified because it allows the family members of an illegal immigrant to join them in the U.S. once an illegal immigrant has been given guest worker status. For all these reasons, this proposal is deeply flawed and will only encourage and increase illegal immigration while depressing the wages of the American worker.”