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Congressman Rohrabacher Disabled Veterans Resolution Passes House

Sep 27, 2006

Washington, Sep 27, 2006 -

Yesterday Congressman Rohrabacher’s , H. Res. 1016, encouraging all offices of the House of Representative to hire disabled veterans, passed the House with overwhelming bi-partisan support.

The resolution encourages Members of Congress to give disabled veterans the opportunity to work in their offices in an effort to help wounded veterans return to their previous lifestyle. During floor remarks, Cong. Rohrabacher challenged his colleagues to employ at least one disabled veteran by the end of 2007. “Members of Congress should serve as an example to other government agencies and to private-sector employers,” said Rohrabacher.

“This resolution will send the unmistakable message that every disabled veteran should have the opportunity to work at a decent-paying job and adjust back into the community as they heal and come home,” stated Rep. Rohrabacher on the floor of the House of Representatives. “Not only would theses veterans benefit from these jobs, but we would benefit greatly from the unique perspective these heroes would bring to our offices.”

Over 21,000 American military personnel have been wounded during the current conflict in Afghanistanand Iraq, including 468 amputees.

“These brave warriors and their families must learn an entirely new way of life,” said Rep. Rohrabacher. “H. Res 1016 is an important first step to ensuring that returning veterans are treated with the dignity and honor have earned and deserve."