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Congressman Rohrabacher Comments on the Death of Abdel Rantisi

Apr 20, 2004

Washington, Apr 20, 2004 - For Immediate Release

(Washington, D.C.) "The Israeli elimination of Dr. Abdel Aziz Rantisi was justified, as was the killing of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. Until Hamas unequivocally and officially rejects the intentional murder of Israeli non-combatants as a means to achieve their ends, any leaders of Hamas have declared themselves "open season". Hamas has officially taken credit for suicide bombings and other murderous actions whose only targets were women, children and helpless people. This is the purest definition of terrorism and cannot be tolerated. That a leader of such as organization, which targets noncombatants, is eliminated should not be condemned.

"On the other hand, while Israel has never publicly acknowledged or taken credit for the intentional murder of Palestinian women and children and other non-combatants, there are serious questions about actions that have been taken against unarmed Palestinians. Whenever there is evidence of such crimes by either side, America should condemn those transgressions.

"If we are to be a factor in ending this ongoing tragedy America must have one standard: neither side should intentionally kill non-combatants. With one standard, America should do its best to end terrorism and bring about compromise and peace between Israelis and Palestinians. Without one standard our contribution to peace making will be limited."