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Congressman Rohrabacher Astronomy Awards Bill passes House

May 11, 2005

Washington, May 11, 2005 - Yesterday Congressman Rohrabacher’s bill, H.R. 1023 Charles “Pete” Conrad Astronomy Awards Act, passed the House of Representatives under suspension of the rules.
The bill authorizes the NASA administrator to give one award, not to exceed $3,000, each year to the amateur astronomer who discovers the brightest near-Earth asteroid, and one award each year to the amateur astronomer who makes the greatest contribution during the preceding year to the Minor Planet Center's catalogue of known asteroids.
“This bill is a tribute to Pete Conrad for his tremendous contributions to our country, to the world, and to the aerospace community over the last four decades,” stated Rep. Rohrabacher on the floor of the House of Representatives. “Pete Conrad was a pilot, an explorer, and an entrepreneur of the highest caliber. He commanded Apollo XII, and during that mission he became the third man to walk on the Moon.”
The Charles “Pete” Conrad Astronomy Awards Act is strongly supported by NASA and the Smithsonian Institution.
“Near-Earth objects pose a real and credible threat to our way of life,” said Rep. Rohrabacher. “H.R. 1023 is a modest step in tracking and cataloging asteroids while stimulating public interest in space.”