Congressman Dana Rohrabacher Proposes Constitutional Amendment Allowing Foreign-Born to Run for President

Sep 14, 2004
Press Release

Washington, Sep 14, 2004 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
15 September 04

(Washington, D.C.) Rep. Dana Rohrabacher introduced a constitutional amendment today that would allow foreign-born Americans who have been citizens for at least 20 years to be eligible to seek the office of the presidency.

"It is time that we amend the constitution to remove an archaic provision that was originally designed to keep the nobility of foreign countries from meddling in American democracy," Rohrabacher said. "If an immigrant has demonstrated his commitment to America and is truly qualified as a leader, then there is no good reason to bar him from seeking the highest office in the land."

In response to charges that the amendment has been introduced only as a ploy to accommodate a particular elected official from California of Central European origin, Rep. Rohrabacher replied, "This is no ploy, I honestly believe that Tom Lantos should be able to seek the highest office in the land, just like any other elected official."