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As predicted by Rep. Rohrabacher, Space Launch System review shows program behind on budget and completion.

Sep 9, 2013

Last week’s Space News editorial discusses the Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM), which they correctly note is “Going Nowhere Fast.” They state that the ARM is “… the only plausibly affordable concept for deep-space exploration that can leverage the heavy-lift Space Launch System and Orion capsule that Congress has directed NASA to build. These vehicles, whose development is costing nearly $3 billion annually, have no other place to go under any realistic budget scenarios for NASA.”

This followed comments by Charlie Bolden that the Space Launch System (SLS or, as I sometimes call it, the SLS Titanic), having just completed its Preliminary Design Review, will not meet NASA’s confidence levels for completion on time and budget.

Furthermore, the NASA Inspector General just warned that the Orion program is facing serious risks because of the funding constraints and the development approach.

These all support what I said at the NASA Authorization hearing back in June: