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OC Register: "Rohracher says lifting drilling ban 'long overdue'"

Jul 14, 2008

Washington, Jul 14, 2008 - Rep. Dana Rohrabacher is behind President Bush’s move to lift the executive order banning offshore drilling.

But the Huntington Beach Republican said “it’s too bad that the president and it’s even worse that the Congress has to wait until the American people are personally suffering until they increase the supply of energy available to our country.”

Rohrabacher said he knows that the Democratic majority in Congress is not inclined to follow Bush’s lead on this. But, he said, “this is a democratic society and changes proceed in steps.

“Are we going to do it? It depends on if when the public starts filling up their cars with gas and see it’s $80 or $90, if they scream and yell and demand that their government quit representing radical environmental interests instead of their own interests.”

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