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OC Register: Rohrabacher still opposes bailout plan

Sep 28, 2008

Washington, Sep 28, 2008 - 5:02:00 PM - Rep. Dana Rohrabacher is still no fan of this bailout plan and while he’s going to study the 110 pages with his staff tonight it’s not looking like he’s going to vote yes tomorrow.

“Everything in my instincts tells me I should not go along with this type of hysteria-based policy making that usually ends up enriching some very powerful special interests,’’ said Rohrabacher.

I asked the Huntington Beach Republican what he’s hearing from back home. “My constituents have given me two messages – no and hell no,’’ Rohrabacher said.

Rohrabacher said beyond the fact that he doesn’t like this idea of using hundreds of billions of dollars to bail out Wall Street, he doesn’t like the fact that this measure is being rushed through so quickly and that there are no systemic reforms included in this package.

“Emergency measures without policy reform to correct what brought you to the emergency in the first place make no sense,’’ he said.

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