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In Memoriam, Tony Blankley ( 1948-2012)

Jan 10, 2012

Washington, Jan 10 - I am proud to have called Tony Blankley my friend for over four decades. He played a significant role in not only my life but the life of this great nation. Values that we shared made him a mighty force for liberty and the American cause. We will miss him as a wonderful person but even more so as a force for those values and beliefs that we hold dear as Americans.

His service in the Reagan White House, House of Representatives and as one of America’s great journalists and political pundits, speaks well of his career. And those of us who knew him personally, know that on top of those professional accomplishments, he was a wonderful person and joy to know.

Tony and I believed in fighting for freedom and having fun. He had an inspiring intellect and love of life. Over the years, Tony and I were known as the guys who hosted the chili and tequila parties that attracted freedom fighters from around the world struggling to fight communist oppression. They would often join us and our fellow Reaganites at the White House throughout the Administration. Tony would always make sure they all got home safely, which was one of the most challenging tasks of the entire Reagan administration!

Here is a toast that Tony and I would always lead for those stalwarts at every tequila party:

“Here’s to the brave individuals who are struggling for freedom in desperate circumstances. Whoever they are, May God protect them and grant them victory because they are our brothers and sisters!” 

Tony, you will be missed dearly.