Sep 7, 2017 News
Washington, D.C. – Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) and Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), co-chairs of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus, today condemned the decision by House Rules Committee leadership to block their amendment that prevents the Department of Justice from interfering with state medical marijuana laws. Because of this decision, Rohrabacher and Blumenauer will not be able to offer their... Read More
Sep 6, 2017
“On September 5, 2017, I penned an editorial calling on my fellow Republican colleagues to renew my amendment to the appropriations bill that prohibits the Department of Justice from spending its funds to prosecute medical marijuana users that are in compliance with their state laws.  That amendment, which has been law since 2014, is commonly known as Rohrabacher-Farr.” To view the article,... Read More
Sep 5, 2017 News
WASHINGTON – Concerning the Trump administration’s announcement Tuesday that it was rescinding the Obama administration’s Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher issued the following statement: President Obama created a legal headache and a public heartache by stepping far beyond his constitutional authority to protect the so-called “Dreamers” – those who were... Read More
Aug 18, 2017 News
WASHINGTON – Concerning the terrorist attack Thursday in Barcelona, Spain, which killed 13 people and injured more than 100, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher released the following statement: Barcelona is one of the great cosmopolitan cities of the world. Islamist monsters yesterday, in yet another senseless act by enemies of Western civilization, attacked the city’s wonderful people and happy atmosphere.... Read More
Aug 17, 2017 News
LONDON – Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on Wednesday told Rep. Dana Rohrabacher that Russia was not behind leaks of emails during last year’s presidential election campaign that damaged Hillary Clinton’s candidacy and exposed the inner workings of the Democratic National Committee. The California congressman spent some three hours with the Australian-born fugitive, now living under the... Read More
Aug 17, 2017 News
WASHINGTON – Concerning the killing Saturday of a demonstrator in Charlottesville, VA, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher released the following statement: Once again political violence has struck America on its streets, this time in a community – Charlottesville, where Thomas Jefferson founded the University of Virginia – famous for preparing young minds for a life of enlightened citizenship. Whereas in... Read More
Aug 17, 2017 News
WASHINGTON – Rep. Dana Rohrabacher on Thursday released the following statement on North Korea: Suddenly Americans are again thinking the unthinkable. The prospect of a nuclear exchange, this time precipitated by North Korea’s mad dictator, had been lost in the mists of the Cold War. Nevertheless, Kim Jong Un, who has murdered members of his own family in his pursuit of unchallenged power, must... Read More
Aug 3, 2017 News
WASHINGTON – Rep. Dana Rohrabacher today drew the attention of members of Congress to a report of “major significance in the debate over Russia’s involvement in the last election.” The report, drawn up by intelligence community veterans, concluded that the so-called hacking of the Democratic National Committee before last year’s elections could not have been done by Russians, but was instead an... Read More
Jul 28, 2017 News
WASHINGTON – The Senate Committee on Appropriations Thursday adopted an amendment, commonly known as “Rohrabacher-Farr,” that prohibits the Department of Justice from using appropriated funds to prosecute those in compliance with their state’s medical marijuana laws.  Rep. Sam Farr, D-CA, who co-sponsored the amendment when it first passed in 2014, retired from Congress last year. Rep. Earl... Read More
Jul 27, 2017 News
WASHINGTON – Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, writing in USA Today, on Wednesday called on his fellow congressional Republicans to embrace a plan to cover Americans’ pre-existing health maladies through Medicare. Citing President Ronald Reagan’s rule to keep proposals simple enough to understand, the veteran congressman, who once worked as a speechwriter for the fortieth president, said his plan was the... Read More