Press Releases

May 31, 2003 Press Release

Washington, May 31, 2003 -

Congressman Rohrabacher and his wife Rhonda
meet with former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Perez.

May 31, 2003


May 22, 2003 Press Release

Washington, May 22, 2003 - It is absolutely horrifying to think the United States has no penalities for countries who refuse to extradite criminals such as cop killers back to the United States.

Mar 27, 2003 Press Release

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher was on hand May 3rd in Huntington Beach to welcome home Purple Heart recipient Lance Corporal Eric Moore. Cpl. Moore, a Huntington Beach native, served his country valiantly in Iraq and was wounded severely during a fire-fight near one of Saddam Hussein’s palaces. “I applaud Cpl. Moore’s bravery under fire.

Feb 12, 2003 Press Release

Washington, Feb 12, 2003 - For Immediate Release
Contact: the Press Office of Rep. Dana Rohrabacher 202-225-2415

Feb 1, 2003 Press Release

Washington, Feb 1, 2003 - Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the Columbia Space Shuttle crew. This is a horrific loss for the nation as well as the world, but we should not forget the ultimate sacrifice sometimes space exploration requires of men and women who are dedicated to pushing the boundaries.