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Rohrabacher: We Must Call It What It Is and Brace for More

Jul 15, 2016

WASHINGTON – Concerning the horrible event in Nice, France, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia, and Emerging Threats, released the following statement:

It’s terrorism, and it’s accelerating. At this early hour, we do not know the identity of the truck driver who mowed down dozens of French citizens peacefully celebrating Bastille Day, nor have authorities pinpointed a motive. We do know that it fits a pattern of violence perpetrated against civilians and promised by radical Islamic terrorists, which already has savaged Paris, Brussels, Istanbul, and even locations in our own country. These terrorists do tend to select calendar days that occasion national pride and religious devotion not their own.

The message telegraphed to the civilized world is that no innocent person and no normally tranquil place is safe. As students of terrorism know, this kind of calculated, deadly act is called “the propaganda of the deed.” Message received. Alas, Americans, as we communicate our sorrow and sympathy to the French people, must brace for similar attacks in our own country. The Obama administration as well as my own congressional colleagues must recognize the nature of this radical Islamic threat – even if this specific incident is not confirmed as such – and focus on its defeat.

In terms of the conscience of the civilized world, we have reached a tipping point.



Kenneth Grubbs

Communications Director

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher

Forty-eighth District, California