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Rohrabacher Urges JetBlue to Retrofit Planes for Noise Reduction

Apr 13, 2018

WASHINGTON – Rep. Dana Rohrabacher has requested, on behalf of Huntington Beach city council members and residents, that JetBlue retrofit its Airbus A320 series aircraft to minimize noise upon its approach to Long Beach Airport.

The Republican congressman’s constituents have complained that JetBlue’s passenger airliners “create a screeching noise on final approach,” said Rohrabacher in a letter to Robin Hayes, JetBlue’s president and chief executive officer. “At an altitude between 1,500’ and 3,500’ MSL, the noise reported by my constituents is an incessant loud whine over their homes from morning until late night.”

Rohrabacher urged the commercial airline to deal with the problem by retrofitting the engines with vortex generators, also known as air deflectors, a project said to be done through regular maintenance. Transition to the newer technology, he said, would bring down noise levels substantially. The congressman also urged JetBlue to fly at the highest altitudes possible on landing approaches consistent with safety.

Lufthansa, United, Air France, and British Airways have retrofitted their jets with the generators.


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