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Rohrabacher Statement on Vote for American Health Care Act

May 5, 2017

WASHINGTON – Concerning his vote this week for the American Health Care Act, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-CA, released the following statement:

Obamacare was on its own deathbed, risking the health of all Americans as its inevitable end drew closer. Rather than make healthcare more affordable, as the Democrats promised eight years ago, the Obamacare bureaucracy managed to price health insurance out of reach for more and more Americans. As insurance providers of necessity pulled out of a growing number of states, and with doctors themselves quitting, ordinary Americans faced the peril of losing their coverage. Congress was obliged to address the looming crisis. The Republican healthcare proposal takes us in the right direction. While a different approach, it is no less committed to covering Americans with pre-existing conditions. What we sent to the Senate may not satisfy everyone, but it's vastly superior to the failing Obamacare monstrosity. Ronald Reagan used to say, "The ‘status quo’ in Latin means the mess we're in."  I'm proud to support the Republican healthcare alternative rather than just maintain the status quo.



Kenneth Grubbs, 202-225-2415