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Rohrabacher Statement on United Kingdom Vote to Leave European Union

Jun 24, 2016

“Self-determination is not a dead issue. By wresting control of its own destiny, Britain is trying to make itself Great again.

“The vote by a clear majority of Britons to leave the European Union was truly a vote heard ‘round the world, portending not only a hastened breakup of the Brussels bureaucracy, but also signaling to world powers that the era of gargantuan, centralized control over people’s lives is coming to a just end. Contrary to the dire predictions and even the initial market reactions, I’m confident newly empowered nations will begin to stitch together trade deals that are truly in their own interests rather than feeding the appetites of the global political class.

“This is not ‘the end of Europe,’ as many pundits proclaimed. ‘Brexit’ constitutes a profound reaffirmation of the Western principle of local, decentralized decision-making. It was a reassertion of self-government, and our own government in Washington must learn to respect the will of peoples of other lands.

“The Obama administration, in particular, must resist its impertinent, ill-advised impulse to lecture and guide foreign voters. This was clearly a matter for the people of Britain to decide, and the president should have stayed out of it.”

Rep. Rohrabacher, R-CA, is chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia, and Emerging Threats.




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