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Rohrabacher Signals Castro’s Death with Hopes for Cubans’ Freedom

Nov 28, 2016

WASHINGTON – Rep. Dana Rohrabacher on Saturday issued the following statement on the death of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro:

The shouts of "Cuba Libre!" heard this jubilant hour in the streets of Miami reverberate throughout the world, wherever freedom and liberty and self-government are prized. A tyrant is dead, indeed a tyrant whose iron rule lasted longer than any other contemporary dictator's, but the shouts must also be heard as ongoing resolve not to rest until the Cuban people are liberated from his family and his poisonous, Marxist ideology. 

We must come to terms with Fidel Castro's oft-romanticized rule, understanding that what this diabolical man did was build a Caribbean Animal Farm, wherein this pretend man of the people stole from the most productive and lived high on the proverbial hog while his people eked out the most meager living. His was rule by firing squad, torture, imprisonment of dissidents, neighborhood spies, even starvation -- a toxic blend of fascism and Communism. 

What the American Left and those world leaders now paying tribute neglect as they write their own history is the apocalyptical danger Castro, in tandem with his Soviet sponsor, presented to the peace of the world. In his memoirs, the late Soviet dictator Nikita Khrushchev reported that Castro, in one of his moments of megalomaniacal fantasy, urged a nuclear strike on America, which means the madman advocated the incineration of millions.

For decades his ideological influence contaminated the rightful political aspirations of Latin Americans with his patented brew of arsenic and anti-American demagoguery. Throughout the South American continent his violence-centered agenda brought a plague of revolution and counter-revolution, spurning the light of freedom and democracy wherever it tried to break through. To see the bitter fruit of Castroism we need only look at today’s Venezuela, one of the world's richest countries thrown into tyranny, destitution, and despair by following the radical Left’s prescriptions. 

The new administration must look for ways to undermine the continuing Castro regime and encourage a new spirit of personal liberation on this long-suffering island of despotism.

Cuba Libre!

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