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Rohrabacher Sees Beginning of a New Tax Revolt at the Gas Pump

Nov 1, 2017

WASHINGTON – As California motorists are hit at the pump today with Gov. Jerry Brown’s new gasoline tax, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher released the following statement:

As we in Washington try to reform our burdensome and convoluted tax system, Governor Brown and the state legislature have just made the Golden State’s tax system even more burdensome and convoluted. That wallop we all felt today at the gas pump came to us courtesy of the California Democrats’ one-party monopoly.

It is now stunningly evident that the price we pay to fill our tanks is not so much the cost of gasoline itself – now in abundant supply – but is calculated for the benefit of power-hungry politicians, greedy interests, and avaricious bureaucrats. Our bloated state government, long pummeling California’s working people, has finally decided to crush their mobility and their very livelihoods.

This new tax added to the mountain of taxes we already pay is yet another verification that we are working for the politicians in Sacramento and not the other way around.

Four decades ago, Californians launched the first tax revolt. Those fumes emanating from the gas station aisles today are about to fuel the next one.




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