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Rohrabacher: Republicans Should Surf, Not Coast, to Victory Next Tuesday

Oct 29, 2014

WASHINGTON – Rep. Dana Rohrabacher on Wednesday offered a six-point plan to bring the country out of its “Obama-generated malaise” and restore American optimism. Writing in The National Interest, the Californian urged his fellow Republican candidates to present themselves again as “the party of ideas,” an echo of Ronald Reagan’s cheerful message leading up to his election in 1980 as the fortieth president.

Republicans may be feeling optimistic about next week’s mid-term elections, said Rohrabacher, a former Reagan speechwriter, but they “cannot just coast to victory. They must surf.”

This they must do, he said, while the “Democrats sit aimlessly, treading water, going nowhere, waiting for Hillary to summon their energy.”

Rohrabacher offered six ideas, in both foreign and domestic policy, as examples of what Republicans should be talking about to voters.

The first on his agenda: An “Employee Empowerment Initiative,” in which American workers can move to the ranks of owners by following a collaborative model that would allow them to hold untaxed stocks in their companies.

Second, the congressman called on Republicans to “reaffirm the role of credit unions, farm co-ops and other examples of cooperation consistent with a free market.”

Turning to foreign policy, Rohrabacher urged his party to understand America can no longer garrison its military around the world to keep global peace. Updating the Reagan Doctrine of aiding insurgents to topple tyrannical regimes, he suggested the United States could work with willing leaders of other countries – Japan, India, Russia, for example – to combat terrorism.

“We can lead,” he said, “but we can no longer carry the load.”

But in order to lead, he argued America should fight tyranny within its own borders by severely restricting the U.S. government’s power to encroach on Americans’ liberties.

His last three initiatives address that issue head-on, by ending “crony capitalism” and “the nanny state,” while sending the message to Americans “Harm no one, then do as you please.”