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Rohrabacher: Prisoner Swap in Afghanistan a ‘Shady Deal’

Jun 2, 2014

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher on Monday released the following statement on the weekend prisoner exchange:

“While Americans are concerned about the fate of any U.S. serviceman, any deal that releases five top Taliban terrorists should be looked upon with thoroughgoing suspicion. This is a shady deal between the Obama administration and Afghanistan’s onetime tyrannical rulers, indeed the very people who harbored those who attacked America on 9/11, and it calls for intense scrutiny by Congress, to say the least.

“Two years ago I proposed a congressional resolution that would have required the Taliban to turn over Mullah Omar, known for tormenting and tyrannizing Afghanistan while orchestrating terrorist plots that included 9/11, before we even thought of releasing terrorists detained in Guantanamo. Now, from somewhere in the murky shadows, Mullah Omar has declared this deal a ‘victory’ for the dark forces he commands.

“The Obama administration has now placed all our remaining troops in Afghanistan in greater jeopardy.

“The U.S. government, for all its might, cannot seem to lift a finger toward freeing Dr. Afridi, who, loving America, helped us locate Osama bin Laden, but now languishes, tortured, in a Pakistani prison. But it can do this? The Obama administration, as with so many of its policies, has its priorities terribly out of line with the true interests of America.”