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Rohrabacher Praises Sessions Suit Against California Government

Mar 7, 2018

WASHINGTON – Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-CA, today released the following statement concerning Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s legal action brought against the State of California:

Atty. Gen. Sessions’s lawsuit against the State of California, however the courts may ultimately decide it, provides an occasion to confront an issue critical not only to Californians, but to all Americans. That issue: the momentous disruption of the lives and wellbeing of everyday Americans thrust upon us by illegal immigrants. Our laws have gone unenforced for decades.

California’s government, led by Gov. Jerry Brown and Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra, has done nothing helpful to resolve the threat posed by illegal immigration. They have made it more difficult to confront the challenge with their blatant efforts to politicize law enforcement.

The state’s Democrat leaders have placed California’s employers in a horrendous situation, mandating that they not voluntarily cooperate with federal immigration officers. They thereby undermine, or at least make it more difficult, to enforce the law and secure our borders. Jeff Sessions is right to try to rectify this reprehensible mandate.

He is also on the right track by focusing on nonsensical “sanctuary cities,” which encourage crime and actually make it more unlikely that immigrants will seek legal entrance to our country. As our nation’s chief law enforcement officer, he is appropriately appalled by state policies that block local law enforcement from cooperating with federal officers.

I am a strong champion of the Tenth Amendment, which grants states the right to forge their own policies on issues not reserved to the federal government. I have opposed, for example, the attorney general who is determined to override states that have liberalized marijuana laws. The Constitution emphatically does not give the federal government supremacy over all issues of our lives

That said, our Constitution does gives clear authority and supremacy to the federal government over immigration policy. California’s Democrat leaders are totally misguided in their efforts to hinder federal enforcement, maybe even legally wrong, which of course will be decided by the courts.

On this most pressing of issues – illegal immigration – our need to reconcile the interests of the states and the federal government is urgent. Whatever the courts finally rule, I applaud Atty. Gen. Sessions for stepping up and trying to restore common sense to the matter of illegal immigration.


Kenneth Grubbs, 202-225-2415