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Rohrabacher Praises President’s Plan to Stop Aiding Pakistan

Jan 2, 2018

WASHINGTON – Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia, and Emerging Threats, today released the following statement on about President Trump’s plan to withhold aid to Pakistan:

President Trump’s New Year’s tweet that he plans to stop aid to Pakistan is just what the doctor ordered. Pakistan’s regime, though our government imagines otherwise, has long acted as a malignancy in South Asia. It pretends to benign neutrality, seducing the United States into believing it will cooperate with us in the war on radical Islamic terrorism if we ship its political leadership copious tax dollars.

Well, we have sent them some $33 billion over the years, and Pakistan’s regime persists in playing both sides between modern civilization and violent religious fundamentalism. Its intelligence service does more to give safe haven to the Taliban than to lead us to the terrorists’ hideouts. We well remember how Osama bin Laden lived unmolested near Pakistan’s leading military academy and how the regime acted with injured innocence when we discovered his protected whereabouts. Indeed, Dr. Afridi, who led us to bin Laden, now languishes in a Pakistan dungeon for his supposed effrontery.

I have regularly pushed amendments to deprive Pakistan of this ill-directed aid, but the money continues to flow to these regional scoundrels, who also murder religious minorities, brutally oppress their own ethnic minorities such as the Baloch, and represses the forward-looking people of Karachi. The President’s tweet intimated he will block a scheduled payment of $255 million to the faithless regime in Islamabad. I applaud President Trump for his realistic assessment, and, yes, I feel vindicated.




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