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Rohrabacher praises County of Orange for providing accountability to addiction treatment providers and sober living homes

Nov 1, 2018

ORANGE COUNTY, CA – Upon the news that the County of Orange passed an ordinance requiring addiction treatment providers to disclose to the public their affiliates, including sober living homes, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) issued the following statement:

I applaud the Orange County Board of Supervisors for standing up to protect our communities and provide accountability to addiction treatment providers by requiring them to notify the public about residential recovery facilities with which they do business. This, and the other requirements imposed, will go a long way toward rooting out the rampant fraud occurring in the addiction recovery industry.

Residential recovery facilities, more commonly known as ‘sober living homes,’ are largely unregulated because of federal and state laws that protect recovering drug and alcohol addicts from discrimination in housing. Most of them are unlicensed and unknown because of these restraints, and our communities and recovering addicts are suffering as a result.

Orange County has taken a positive approach toward providing accountability for these facilities, and I am working hard in Washington to allow local governments to do even more without the threat of litigation under federal disabilities laws.

I authored H.R. 5724, the Restoring Community Oversight of Sober Living Homes Act, which, if enacted, would return to local government their rightful authority to impose zoning regulations on sober living homes. The House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice held a hearing on sober living homes in September, at which my legislation was discussed.

Sober living homes are businesses. Their owners and operators are using protections meant for their clients to shield them from oversight. Communities and recovering addicts are poorly served by this arrangement, and I am fighting to fix this problem for them.