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Rohrabacher: Paris Attacks by Radical Islamists Were Predicted

Jan 9, 2015

Rep.Dana Rohrabacher, R-CA, and Rep. Bill Keating, D-NY, Friday expressed disgust at the terrorist acts in Paris and offered condolences to the people of France. Rohrabacher chairs the House Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia, and Emerging Threats. Keating served as Ranking Member when the panel last September conducted a hearing titled “Islamist Foreign Fighters Returning Home and the Threat to Europe.”

The hearing explored the possibility for such terrorist attacks by Islamic extremists returning from ISIL-controlled territory or elsewhere in the Middle East. This week such extremists carried out deadly attacks on the staff of a French satirical newspaper and in a Paris Kosher supermarket.

Rohrabacher suggested action must be taken so this type of attack does not occur again, calling the attacks “predictable.” Said the congressman: “While this horrendous crime is an outrage, it is also something that should have been expected and if we don’t act it will happen again. Guarding against such an attack here in the United States must be a higher priority for our own law enforcement agencies. They must increase their surveillance of Islamic fanatics who have had contact with radical groups in the Middle East.”

Added Keating: “I express my deep condolences for the People of the French Republic in the wake of the violent attacks over the past few days. These heinous incidents - which are beyond condemnation - are increasingly encouraged by violent extremists.  We must accept the reality that the threat of these types of attacks – by lone wolves or foreign fighters – are increasing, which is why our subcommittee has focused on this important issue in hearings. The transatlantic community must remain strong and committed to the very values that are the targets of these murderers, whom I hope are brought to swift justice.”