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Rohrabacher Lauds JetBlue Fleet Retrofit Announcement

Oct 11, 2018

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) applauds JetBlue for listening and taking action to address the concerns of Orange County residents living under flight paths.

In an April 13, 2018 letter Rohrabacher, who represents coastal Orange County, urged JetBlue president and chief executive officer Robin Hayes to deal with excessive and unnecessary noise. Many aircraft in JetBlue’s Airbus fleet currently produce a loud screeching sound that could be silenced by a minor modification of the aircraft.

In seeking information to back up his efforts to restructure the Federal Aviation Administration’s priorities, Rohrabacher discovered that a significant portion of airplane noise is a product not of jet engines, but of small vents in the aircraft’s wing. Correcting the situation by retrofitting the airplane requires a small alteration that can be done cheaply. Rohrabacher challenged the airline to reduce this excessive noise caused by an unnecessary configuration of small wing vents.

In a major victory for those whose lives have been disrupted by excessive aviation noise, JetBlue Wednesday announced that the entire JetBlue Airbus fleet will be retrofitted so those residing under flight paths will suffer less noise. Rohrabacher offered his sincere thanks and heartfelt praise on behalf of his constituents for this act of good faith on the part of JetBlue.

The congressman is available for interviews on this subject until Saturday, October 13. Should you seek more information or wish to arrange an interview, contact Kathleen Staunton via phone 714-960-6483 or email

“Airport noise,” said Rohrabacher, “undermines the quality of life of too many Americans, especially in Orange County. JetBlue today has put itself on the side of people making reasonable requests. Today’s commitment by JetBlue vindicates my efforts to deal with this serious issue. Thank you, JetBlue.”