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Rohrabacher Introduces Bill Allowing Local Bans on ‘Sober Living Homes’

May 10, 2018

WASHINGTON – Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-CA, introduced legislation Wednesday to address “the proliferation of sober living homes in residential neighborhoods,” a program protected by the federal government that disrupts community life by placing transient alcoholics and drug addicts in single-family dwellings.

The congressman has scheduled a news conference at 11 a.m. Friday to discuss his legislation. The location: 447 Costa Mesa St., Costa Mesa, CA.

Rohrabacher’s bill, the “Restoring Community Oversight of Sober Living Homes Act of 2018,” H.R. 5724, enables states and local governments to ban such facilities if voters favor their prohibition. Current federal law shields owners, operators, and inhabitants of sober living homes from serious oversight.

In a speech on the House floor, the congressman said, “These so-called homes, which are businesses in all but name, house drug and alcohol addicts in single-family residences. This infusion of drug addicts and alcoholics into residential communities has had a deleterious impact on the quality of life of local families, who now suffer increases in police activity, transient residences next door, and a decline in property values.”