Rohrabacher Explains His Vote Against Republican Tax Bill

Nov 20, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Today Rep. Dana Rohrabacher voted against the tax reform bill put forward in the House of Representatives. His statement follows:

Today I voted for the interests of my constituents. I had promised them I would always oppose any effort to increase the tax burden they carry. Our district in California is a major exception to the economic conditions in other states. The high value of homes as well as high state and local tax rates must be taken under consideration. The House bill would have been a sizable tax increase for many of my constituents. In every election, I have run as the low-tax candidate looking out for the interests of my constituents. I had to walk away today from my fellow Republicans whose districts are different from mine to be true to that promise.

The heavy burden imposed on California taxpayers by irresponsible and profligate Democrat taxing and spending is already causing great damage to the wellbeing of the people of our state. Tax reform at a national level, to be effective in all parts of our country, will have to take into consideration these kinds of local and state challenges.



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