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Rohrabacher: Congress and the Administration will Rally to End Obamacare

Mar 27, 2017

WASHINGTON – Rep. Dana Rohrabacher on Friday released the following statement on the House’s failure to end Obamacare:

Today’s disappointment in the House is just that: a disappointment, a setback, a summons to rally and try, try again. That is what patriotic Americans do, and that is what we will do in Congress. In the months ahead, we will perfect and tweak the legislation, which we failed to rush through the House this time.

With Obamacare still in place, the hardship and pain brought on by the last administration’s nonsensical healthcare policy will increase. As time goes on and payments double and quadruple, insurance companies end service, and Americans find themselves paying more and getting less, the need for dramatic change will become even more evident than it is today. So expect Republicans to bring the issue back in a more perfected form.

Downcast as some of my colleagues might be, they need to shed that mood. The new administration, which is not even fully staffed, and the Republican Congress are capable of great things. In the end, we will win because Obamacare will continue to fail. I am confident we will come up with a positive alternative that can muster majority support in the House. We just got a little ahead of ourselves.


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